OD Community Garage Sale Poll: Gauging Interest

Posted: July 31, 2015 11:55am CDT


I organize the community garage sale as a fundraiser for the town. My goal is to have at least 45-50 homes involved to pay printing and advertising costs with enough money (from the $15 garage sale fee) left over to make a donation to some part of Ogden Dunes. Last year, the garage sale donated $500 to our town’s Street Department.

The next community garage sale donation will be made to the Ogden Dunes Home Association. Since we had a garage sale last year, I do not know if there is enough interest to host a community garage sale. It would be Saturday, Sept 12. I am happy to organize it, but I only want to do it if we can get 45-50 homes.

Also, as they have in the past, our shopping public expects to find community participation by offering many garage sales to shop here in town.

Please email me at marieenglehart@gmail.com or call/leave a voice mail at 219.763.2440 by Aug 6 to let me know if you will participate.

I will send out another public announcement letting you know the outcome.

If there isn’t enough interest this year, we will schedule one in 2016.

— Marie Englehart

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