Town Hall Phone System Extensions

Posted: July 28, 2014 3:20pm CDT

Here is the list of phone extensions for the new phone system at Town Hall. To get to the prompts for the extensions, dial the Town Hall phone number at 219.762.4125.

Extension Name Title
201 Megan Cleary Police Clerk
202 Julia Kligensmith Deputy Clerk-Treasurer
203 Jean Manna Clerk-Treasurer
204 Chief James Reeder Chief of Police
205 Police Phone General
217 Kevin Hughes Chief Deputy
218 Tim Beach Police Officer
219 Ed Clapp Police Officer
220 Mike Teeling Detective
206 Water Works Board Water Department
207 Ed Hewitt Building Commissioner
208 Kitchen Town Hall
209 Conference Room Town Hall
210 James Matthys Street Department
221 Bill Gregory Town Council President - Ward 4
222 Allen Johnson Town Council VP - Ward 1
223 Tom Clouser Town Council Member - Ward 5
224 Charles Constanza Town Council Member - Ward 2
225 Paul Panther Town Council Member - Ward 3

These extensions will continue to be available in the Contact Us section of the website.

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