Please join the Plan Commission at 7:00 P.M., Thursday, February 19th for the Ogden Dunes Planning Commission regular monthly meeting. The meeting will be held at the Ogden Dunes Fire Station. Homeowners, Designers, Constructors and all interested parties are welcome. The meeting will be televised and shown live on Channel 26.

At the beginning of the meeting, promptly at 7:00 P.M., we will have a 45 minute presentation on Retaining Wall Design and Construction. The presentation will be simplified version of what Certified Contractors learn. The presentation will be shortened, simplified and relevant to homeowners, Town inspectors and Contractors. There will be a 15 minute question and answer period following the presentation. Our speaker will be Ryan Miller Sales and Specification Manager at Reading Rock, Inc.

Town Building Ordinance 152.096 addresses slope stability. Paragraph B states that, “…Any stabilization or retention system (walls, piling and the like) applications where the ground surface slope is greater than 20 degrees shall have a minimal design life of 40 years, and the design shall be approved by an Indiana-registered professional engineer. (`99 Code, ' 10-230) (Ord. 643, passed 3-2-98; Am. Ord. 717, passed 8-13-07)”

Ordinance 152.096(B) affects many lots in Town. Ryan will explain how properly designed and built retaining walls are an asset to your property and have a life expectancy well in excess of 50 years.

The regular Plan Commission meeting will be held immediately following the presentation and Q&A.

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